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  Using This Website  :

Once a client is registered on the BSF website, they may login to the site with an initial user-name and password, both of which can be changed by the user to something more easily remembered.  When logged in, users can view all projects with which they are currently involved. 

Clicking on a project name in the project list will reveal complete information about all samples that have been submitted to date including: current BSF processing status, the presence (or absence) of targets, alerts sent, physical condition of the sample upon arrival at CMNH, the date received, date first logged into the BSF system, date sorted, date identified, date of collection, state, county, and specific locality description.

By moving your mouse over table column headers, or the 'BSF' numbers, an explanatory label is provided that further explains the data contained in the field or the function performed after clicking on that item.  Clicking on certain data columns will sort the sample table by that variable, making it easier to view sample results. A filter is also provided for State, County, and Sample Collection Date, thus allowing efficient display of data reports for specific time periods.  The ability to view a full data report for each sample (collection data plus species) is also available by clicking the 'BSF' number in the list of samples for a project. 

The Biodiversity Services Facility requires certain collection data before processing of samples can begin.  Users have several methods by which they can supply this required sample data including; 1) shipping data sheets in the mail along with the samples, 2) adding data for new samples directly through the BSF website interface (after logging in) or 3) by uploading a BSF supplied MS Excel Spreadsheet (preferred), or MS Excel spreadsheet, containing complete sample collection information (also available through the BSF website).  A means to provide a comprehensive data report for a given project with a single click is available.  This will obviate the need for interim or final reports because a full report to date, for any project, can be obtained at any time as the client prefers. 

We appreciate the patience of clients as tools are implemented and fine tuned on this web site.  Please let us know if you run into any trouble and notify us of any errors or glitches.

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