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This website serves as a reference for the existence of species of crane flies (Insecta: Diptera: Tipulidae) in the state of Pennsylvania. The data used for this website were extracted in-part from the contents of the following report: Young and Gelhaus (2000) Crane flies of Pennsylvania: Preliminary checklist and database development with emphasis on aquatic species. This report was based on a preliminary survey of the crane flies of Pennsylvania conducted during 1995-1999.

Species occurrences were documented for Pennsylvania by examining specimens in existing collections, reviewing literature records and by conducting field surveys in a variety of habitats. The goals for the survey were to compile a checklist providing a baseline inventory of crane flies for Pennsylvania, to develop a database of crane fly specimens, to authoritatively determine the presence of species, and to conduct field survey to census species and determine larval habitat. Gelhaus and Young provided authoritative identifications of specimens.

The specimens used for this study are assured by permanent storage and curation in the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh (CMNH) and the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia (ANSP).


Viewers are cautioned not to misinterpret information presented in this website. In particular, the absence of a listing for particular species at any locality or time should not be interpreted as conclusive evidence that the species is actually missing. There are substantive reasons why a given species might not have been collected during this survey, and a repeat of this effort would undoubtedly reveal many additional species. On the other hand, presence of a species in this list is evidence of occurrence in space and time, readily verified through specimen-based documentation by examination of the specimen involved.

The database generated from the survey studies is dynamic, and data produced by many other ongoing projects in various parts of Pennsylvania will be utilized to update and refine the website.

Contents of this website are not to be disseminated or reproduced without explicit and appropriate permission.

Please address further comments and inquires to Dr. Chen Young, Section of Invertebrate Zoology, Carnegie Museum of Natural History, 4400 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA USA. Phone: 412-622-3259, email: YoungC@CarnegieMNH.Org


Major funding for this project were grants from PA Wild Resource Conservation Fund (SPC#321994; WRCF-06-04; WRCF-04062). Thanks and credits for most of the collecting effort and data assembling are going to CMNH members Robert Acciavatti, Robert Androw, Charles Bier, Robert Davidson, Joseph Issac, Mark Klingler, David Koenig, W. Q. Metheny, Darren Pollock, John Rawlins, Melissa Ricke, Sue Thompson, Tim Tomon, Walter Zanol, and to ANSP members Jason Weintraub, Lauren Spearman, Renata Malejki, Will Bouchard, Nate Orfe, Heather O'Connor, Brett Marshall, John LaPolla and Jane Ruffin, who also assisted in field collecting.

Photographs of crane flies in their habitats were generously provided by many of the members at BugGuide.net and Flickr.com: Jerry Armstrong, Sasha Azevedo, John and Jane Balaban, Thomas of Baltimore, Troy Bartlett, Giff Beaton, Tom Bentley, Jean-René Bibeau, Erik Blosser, David Chauvin, Graham Checkley, Jay Cossey, Tony DiTerlizzi, Werner Eigelsreiter, Tim Eisele, Frode Falkenberg, Harriet Fell, Rusty Fowler, David Funk, Gahan Gehale, Evalyn Gelhaus, Jon Gelhaus, John Haarstad, Scott Hasinger, Ron Hautau, Marshal Hedin, David Jones, Ken Karns, S. Kassam, Keoeeit, Gary Kessler, David Larson, Julie LePage, Richard Leung, Charles Schurch Lewallen, Stephen Luk, Bruce Marlin, Steve Marshall, Moses Martin, John Maxwell, Jim McClarin, Robin McLeod, Cosmin Manci, Beatriz Moisset, Graham Montgomery, Bob Moul, Tom Murray, Chuck Musitano, Phil Myers, Steve Nanz, C. E. Timothy Paine, Robin Panza, Dennis Paulson, Philip Penketh, Michel Pilon, Dave Polletier, Ron Polletier, Jon Preston, Donna Race, Herschel Raney, Randy Rhine, Birgit Rhoads, Barry Rice, Marlin Rice, Jane Ruffin, Lew Scharpf, Lynette Schimming, Steve Scott, Judy Semroc, Jeff Skevington, Marvin and Jo Smith, Michelle Lynn St. Sauveur, Gayle and Jeanell Strickland, Tleilaxu, Steve Taylor, Machele White, Jason Widlacki, Bev Wigney, Brian Womble, and 3 Anonymous. Images of prepared crane fly specimens were taken from the Tipulidae collection in CMNH. Special thanks goes to Dr. James Fetzner for website design.

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Young, C.W. and J.W. Fetzner Jr. (2014). The Crane Flies (Diptera: Tipulidae) of Pennsylvania. Version 2.0. Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. https://www.InvertebrateZoology.com/cranefly2.  [Accessed: 19-Aug-2022].


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