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Welcome to the searchable website for the Ghana Butterfly Biodiversity Project !

  Janice Bossart, Project P.I.
  Janice L. Bossart, Project P.I.
Southeastern Louisiana University
The purpose of this website is to make available information resulting from my NSF-supported research on the butterflies of Ghana.  Be sure to check out the Products page, where you will find an extensive image gallery, bibliography, and an interactive specimen database!

This website is one product of my current project to document the butterfly biodiversity of relict forest 'islands' in a biologically unique, critically imperiled, and understudied region of the world.  This project began in 2004 through generous support from the National Science Foundation (DEB-0417367; Janice L. Bossart, principal investigator).

I initiated research in Ghana in 1999 via a small grant from the Philadelphia Zoological Society and on the recommendation of Dr. Torben Larsen that Ghana was the place to go.  This initial reconnaissance trip was turned into a two-year project (2001-2002) funded by the National Geographic Society.  Findings from these early efforts were parlayed into the current research effort, which has involved colleagues from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, the Forestry Research Institute of Ghana, students from the U.S. and Ghana, local Ghanaian villagers, and a variety of others.

Feel free to use information from this site, but please give appropriate credit.  All content, including all photos, should be credited to J. L. Bossart.  Dr. Jim Fetzner, Carnegie Museum of Natural History (CMNH), is responsible for the remarkable web mechanics.  Website design was a collaborative effort among myself, Jim, and Dr. John Rawlins, Associate Curator at CMNH.   Comments and suggestions are welcome (jbossart ‘at’ selu ‘dot’ edu)!

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