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Kajease Sacred Grove (Click to plot point using Google Maps. 6°38' N, 1°39' W).
Kajease Sacred Grove

Kajease Grove is a 6 ha shred of old-growth forest located just south of Kumasi on the Cape Coast Road.  This tiny forest fragment is in amazingly good condition despite its size and the extent of impinging external threats.  Kumasi is rapidly encroaching from the north and the grove is being engulfed by widespread, new residential construction that is literally taking place within a few meters of the forest edge.  These nearby developments have modified water drainage patterns in the grove and refuse piles have appeared along the forest boundary.  Although the chief of Kajease is eager to protect the grove and GACON has expressed interest in establishing a partnership to manage this forest patch, protective measures are currently not in place.  Given the current and extreme external threats, Kajease Sacred Grove is unlikely to persist into the foreseeable future unless drastic protective measures are enacted.

Indigenous protection of Kajease Sacred Grove links to a momentous 17th century event in the history of the Asante.  According to local myth, the powerful, conquering Dengyira army was marching on the town of Kumasi, where the Asante king lived, to put down the Asante uprising.  To prevent this from happening, an Asante sub-chief from the nearby village of Kajease decided to be buried alive in the village forest because he knew that this would create a Black Magic that the Dengyira army would fear to cross.  The sub-chief was buried alive. The army heard about the Black Magic and would not march forward past Kajease. Thus Kumasi was saved, and the Asante ultimately went on to defeat the Dengyira and to become a powerful empire.



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