Ghana Butterfly Biodiversity Project  
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Southeastern Louisiana University

Dr. Janice Bossart, P.I.

Carnegie Museum of Natural History
    Section of Invertebrate Zoology

    Dr. John E. Rawlins
    Dr. James W. Fetzner Jr.
    Vanessa Verdecia

Ghana Field Crew
   Josephine Antwi
    Jacob Asare
    Sylvester Kuudaar
    John Lewile
    Richard Olu

     Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
    Krystal Altman
    Steve Lewis

     Southeastern Louisiana University
    Leah Poch√©
    Matt Boasso
    Jean Elbers



Bobiri Forest Butterfly Sanctuary  [map]

Forest Research Institute of Ghana (FORIG)

More Images
Sylvester and Emmanuel setting transects at Bobiri.
Sylvester on the canopy walk at Kakum National Park. Leah and Matt Boasso (a 2006 undergraduate student researcher from Southeastern Louisiana University) off to do some collecting.
Pouring libations at Kona before entering the sacred grove. Richard Olu, the fifth member of the main field team.
Leah Poche, a 2006 undergraduate student researcher from Southeastern Louisiana University, on her first day in Ghana. Jean came up with a unique way to transport his traps to the field.



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