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Navigating the crayfish and lobster taxonomy browser website:

You can start at the base of the crayfish browser (Infraorder: Astacidea) or you can view a list of species and jump right to the page of interest.

There are several ways to navigate to other taxonomic groups (Family, Genus, Subgenus, etc.).

1) You can use the menu bar located at the top left of each web page to navigate to different areas of the website, view additional information, or jump to related crayfish web sites.

Menu bar

2) You can use the Quick Navigation Bar, located at the top of each page, to jump to specific areas of the website. Placing the cursor over a category will tell you which taxonomic level you will jump to after clicking on the name. 

3) Finally, you can navigate higher in the taxonomic tree by selecting species or groups of species from the collapsible menu system located just below the species photograph (if there is one) near the top of the page. Clicking the "open all" link will fully expand the list, while clicking "close all" will fully collapse it.  Clicking individual items, for example "List of Families (5)" below, will open (or close) just that item.  To jump to a specific family (or other group - depending on the page and list shown), click the name in this list.  You can also see an entire list of the species contained in this group by clicking the "List of Species in the ... " category.  Clicking a species name in this list will take you to that species page to view information about it.

Example of a collapsible menu.

At this point, North America has the best coverage, but we hope to add additional information for the European and Australian groups as we get it.

Stay tuned ....

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Fetzner, J. W., Jr.  (2005).  The crayfish and lobster taxonomy browser: A global taxonomic resource for freshwater crayfish and their closest relatives.  Accessed: 27 November 2022.

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