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Astacidea    Cambaridae    Procambarus   Scapulicambarus   Procambarus clarkii

Procambarus (Scapulicambarus) clarkii  (Girard, 1852) 
Red Swamp Crawfish

Photo Credit:  James W. Fetzner Jr. *

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Distribution Map:
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Conservation Links:

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service -- Division of Endangered Species

Alabama Dept of Conservation & Natural Resources   --  ES Link

Arkansas Game & Fish Commission   --  ES Link

Arizona Game & Fish

California Department of Fish & Game   --  ES Link

Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission   --  ES Link

Georgia Department of Natural Resources   --  ES Link

Hawaii Department of Land & Natural Resources   --  ES Link

Idaho Fish & Game   --  ES Link

Illinois Department of Natural Resources   --  ES Link

Indiana Department of Natural Resources   --  ES Link

Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources   --  ES Link

Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries

Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Missouri Department of Conservation   --  ES Link

Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks

North Carolina Department of Environment & Natural Resources

New Mexico Game & Fish

Nevada Department of Conservation & Natural Resources

Ohio Department of Natural Resources

Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation

Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife   --  ES Link

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency   --  ES Link

Texas Parks & Wildlife

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries

Newfoundland & Labrador Environment Branch


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  Photo Credits:

Procambarus clarkii   --  Photo Copyright ©2004 by James W. Fetzner Jr.

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