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This website was created in order to serve as a repository for invertebrate specimen data, including museum specimen occurrence records, direct field observations, literature or citation resources, survey or field notes, biologist's reports, or even observations from amateur collectors. If you would like to add your own data or images to this website, please read the instructions below.  Note: all data and images must be approved by the website Administrator before they will appear live on the website.

Specimen Occurrence Records

In order to contribute specimen records, you will have to parse your data into specific database fields. You can download an Excel Spreadsheet (link below) that can be used to accomplish this.  Please do NOT change any of the column headers, as these are needed as is in order to upload your data seamlessly into the SGCN Invertebrates Database.  All specimen records should be georeferenced in order to plot them on a distribution map. If you have specialized needs, or are unsure how to output your data in the proper format, please contact the website administrator for help.

We have tried to include specimen records from each Northeastern Region member state (where available). In addition, we have also included a one state or province buffer zone around the NE Region, in order to give it context (i.e., does the species occur outside the region).  Therefore, you will also see specimens from Canada (Newfoundland, Quebec, & Ontario), in addition to Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and North Carolina. Occasionally, if we had only one or a few specimens of a species from other places, we included those as well in order to have all specimens in our collection for the species databased.  If you are contributing data, you can follow these guidelines as well.

SGCNInverts Data Upload Template

After you have your data parsed into the Excel spreadsheet, upload the file to this site using the Upload Form.  If you need help with converting a large volume of data, please contact the Administrator.

Contributing Images

If you have a photo you would like to contribute to a species page, please navigate to the individual Species Account page and click on the 'Contribute Images' link that appears on the right hand side of the page (under the images section). Uploaded images should be submitted at the highest resolution possible.  Additional information about the image will also be requested (i.e., photographer, copyright, etc.), and will be displayed along with the image.  If you have a large number of images to contribute, please contact the website administrator for information on how to send images in bulk.