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Website Help & Troubleshooting

Website Compatability Requirements

This website was designed for use in Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), but the latest versions of other browsers (Firefox, Safari, etc.) should also work just fine. The site was deveolped to display at larger screen resolutions (1900 x 1200), in order to display images and text on the page. The site should work fine down to a resolution of say 1600 x 1200. At screen resolutions lower than this (say 1024 x 768), you will probably notice items on the page moving to places where they are not intended. There are several possible fixes for this when it happens. 1) If possible, adjust your screen resolution to a higher setting or 2) adjust the Zoom level in IE9 to say 75% (default is 100%).  This should then display the page as intended (see below).



Example of page content shifting due to low screen resolution.

Example of page content after setting page Zoom level to 75%.