Madagascar - Crayfish Species Checklist.


(KEY: E= Endangered; E*= Endangered, Possibly Extinct; T= Threatened; SC= Special Concern; CS =
   Currently Stable.  Parentheses () around the status indicate possible or known introductions and a ()
    indicates a species complex currently under investigation).  NA = information not available.



1.  Astacoides betsileoensis NA
2.  Astacoides caldwelli NA
3.  Astacoidae crosnieri NA
4.  Astacoides granulimanus NA
5.  Astacoides madagascarensis NA
6.  Astacoides petiti NA


Hobbs, H. H., Jr (1987b). A Review of the Crayfish Genus Astacoides (Decapoda: Parastacidae). Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology 443:1-50.

Last Updated:  08 January 2019
James W. Fetzner Jr.