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(KEY: E= Endangered; E*= Endangered, Possibly Extinct; T= Threatened; SC= Special Concern; CS =
  Currently Stable.  Parentheses ( ) around the status indicate possible or known introductions and a ()
  indicates a species complex currently under investigation).

Species Status
 1.   Cambarellus shufeldtii CS
 2.   Cambarellus puer CS
 3.   Cambarus diogenes  CS
 4.   Cambarus laevis CS
 5.   Cambarus robustus CS
 6.   Cambarus rusticiformis CS
 7.   Cambarus tenebrosus  CS
 8.   Fallicambarus fodiens CS
 9.   Orconectes illinoiensis SC
10.  Orconectes immunis CS
11.  Orconectes indianensis SC
12.  Orconectes kentuckiensis T
13.  Orconectes lancifer CS
14.  Orconectes luteus CS
15.  Orconectes placidus CS
16.  Orconectes propinquus CS
17.  Orconectes rusticus (CS)
18.  Orconectes stannardi T
19.  Orconectes virilis CS
20.  Procambarus acutus acutus  CS
21.  Procambarus clarkii CS
22.  Procambarus gracilis CS
23.  Procambarus viaeviridis CS

Illinois Department of Natural Resources


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Last Updated:  08 January 2019
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