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(KEY: E= Endangered; E*= Endangered, Possibly Extinct; T= Threatened; SC= Special Concern; CS =
  Currently Stable.  Parentheses ( ) around the status indicate possible or known introductions and a ()
   indicates a species complex currently under investigation).

Species Status
 1.   Cambarus acuminatus  CS
 2.   Cambarus bartonii bartonii CS
 3.   Cambarus diogenes  CS
 4.   Cambarus dubius CS
 5.   Fallicambarus uhleri ?
 6.   Orconectes limosus CS
 7.   Orconectes obscurus CS
 8.   Orconectes virilis (CS)
 9.   Procambarus acutus acutus  CS
10.  Procambarus clarkii (CS)

Maryland Department of Natural Resources


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