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(KEY: E= Endangered; E*= Endangered, Possibly Extinct; T= Threatened; SC= Special Concern; CS =
   Currently Stable. Parentheses ( ) around the status indicate possible or known introductions and a ()
    indicates a species complex currently under investigation).

Species Status
1.  Cambarus bartonii bartonii CS
2.  Cambarus diogenes  CS
3.  Orconectes limosus CS
4.  Orconectes rusticus (CS)
5.  Orconectes virilis (CS)
6.  Procambarus acutus acutus  CS

New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife


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Francois, D.D. 1959.  The crayfishes of New Jersey.  Ohio J. Sci.  59: 108-127.

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