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(KEY: E= Endangered; E*= Endangered, Possibly Extinct; T= Threatened; SC= Special Concern; CS
  Currently Stable.  Parentheses ( ) around the status indicate possible or known introductions and a ()
   indicates a species complex currently under investigation).

Species Status
 1.   Cambarus bartonii bartonii CS
 2.   Cambarus carinirostris  CS
 3  Cambarus diogenes  CS
 4  Cambarus dubius CS
 5  Cambarus monongalensis CS
 6.   Cambarus robustus CS
 7.   Cambarus thomai CS
 8  Cambarus (Puncticambarus) sp. C NA
 9  Orconectes limosus CS
10.  Orconectes obscurus CS
11.  Orconectes propinquus CS
12.  Orconectes rusticus (CS)
13.  Orconectes virilis (CS)
14.  Procambarus acutus acutus CS

Other Possible (but Unconfirmed) Species

Fallicambarus fodiens
Orconectes immunis
Procambarus clarkii

Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission

PA Department of Conservation & Natural Resources
Western Pennsylvania Conservancy
Pennsylvania Invertebrate Biodiversity Project
Pennsylvania Biodiversity Partnership
Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program
Pennsylvania Biological Survey

National Park Service Link (new PA species)

Identification Key for Pennsylvania Crayfishes


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Last Updated:  08 January 2019
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